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Here it is written out. Between my ‘ENSIGNS in America” book and Lark’s computer, genealogy skills and a delightful phone conversation with Lark, this is the result. Luvmom

From: LARK REASOR Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:13 PM
To: familySMITHHawkes Myrle Lee Dalton; family SMITHHawkes Lincoln Dalton
Subject: Horace Samuel ENSIGN - Missionary Japan

Horace Datus Ensign (our grandfather) and Samuel Ensign were brothers. Their father’s name was Isaac Ensign. They both arrived in Nauvoo after Joseph Smith was martyred in June of l844. They joined the church about l842 or 43 in Hartford Conneticut. They moved to Nauvoo from Hartford Connecticut where the Ensigns’ were some of the founders of that City. They moved with the exodus from Nauvoo and Horace Datus died of the ‘Black Canker’ in Winter Quarters. Samuel, his brother, brought Horace Datus’s wife, Mary Bronson and the children on to Salt Lake City with him and his family arriving in about September of l847. Samuel Ensign had a son named Horace Sobreski Ensign and a grandson named after him, Horace Samuel Ensign. See below. [ Samuel died while working on the SLC temple in an accidental fall from the Temple wall]

Horace Samuel ENSIGN Birth: Nov. 10, 1871 Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA Death: Aug. 29, 1944 Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA
Son of Horace Sobreski Ensign and Martha Triplett Married Mary Linda Whitney, 21 Jun 1894, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Married Ara Elizabeth Hunsaker, 24 Jan 1918, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah President of the Japan Mission.
For many years he was a member of the Tabernacle Choir and made several trips with that organization as a soloist. Later he made his home in Wichita, Kansas, where he still resided in 1936. Japanese saints: Mormons in the land of the rising sun By John Patrick Hoffmann Introduction pg.1
On September 1, 1901, four men stood on a small hill overlooking Yokahama and dedicated the nation of Japan for missionary work. Elder Heber J. Grant, who was to later become the seventh president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), prayed to God that Satan would release his hold on the minds of the Japanese people and that they might be prepared to recongnize the truth that he and his companions offered. Elder Grant and these companions, Louis A. Kelsche, Horace S. Ensign, and nineteen-year-old Alma O. Taylor, were sent by the leaders of the LDS Church to open another Asian nation to the spirited proselytizing efforts of what has emerged in the insuing years as one of the fastest fgrowing religious bodies in the world... Early 1901 pg.24
Over the next several months, [Heber J.] grant, who had never before served a fulltime mission for the Church, selected two experienced men to accompany him to Japan: twenty-nine-year-old Horace S. Ensign, who had recently returned from a mission to colorado and had previousley served as Gran't secretary; and Louis A. Kelsch, who had served several mission for the LDS Church, most recently in Chicago. A third companion was eighteen-year-old Alma O. Taylor, who lived near Gran't home and worked in his family's undertaking business. None of the "Japanese Quartet," as they were known, spoke any Japanese, although Alma Taylor immediately acquired a Japanese language book and began to study Buddhist Philosophy. Japan Mission, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, vol. 4 by Andrew Jenson
Presidents: Heber J. Grant, 1901-1903; Horace Samuel Ensign, 1903-1908; Alma O. Taylor, 1908-1910; Elbert D. Thomas, 1910-1912; Heber Grant Ivins, 1912-1915; Joseph Henry Stimpson, 1915-1921; Lloyd Ivie, 1921-1923; Hilton A. Robertson, 1923-1924. The mission was closed in June, 1924.... Ensign » 1984 » September - name Horace S. Ensign found in article

Horace Samuel ENSIGN and George Ensign SMITH are 2nd cousins 1 time removed. Their common ancestors are Isaac ENSIGN Rev.WarVet. and Lydia NOBLE. Horace Samuel ENSIGN and Lincoln Smith DALTON are 2nd cousins 3 times removed. Their common ancestors are Isaac ENSIGN Rev.WarVet. and Lydia NOBLE.Rev.WarVet=Revolutionary War Veteran

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Revolutionary War Ancestors

Ancestors of Myrle SMITH who served in the American Revolutionary War are…
(1st Generation - grandchildren of Myrle SMITH.)

Grandfather 8th generation: Isaac ENSIGN - Revolutionary War: ENSIGN, Isaac of Westfield. On a list of others who served as soldiers during some part of the war.
Source: [40] A History of Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1902; pages 408-410.

UNCLES 8th generation: both brothers of our Grandma Lydia Noble. And sons of our 9th generation grandparents, Samuel NOBLE and CATHERINE FOWLER.
Samuel NOBLE - during the American revolution, he served in 1776, for five months, under Capt. Gray.
Jared NOBLE - Jared was killed during the Revolutionary War, in a battle at Stone Arabia, NY. He was only age 17.

Grandfather 9th generation: Elijah REMINGTON - Private Revolutionary War / Pvt. Elijah Remington, Connecticut (Esther Gunn.)
Source: Columbine Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Marker, Soop Cemetery Bellville, MI

Grandfather 9th generation: Abner RAWSON - Verteran of the Revolutionary War - listed as a drummer boy in the Massachusetts Militia at the age of 16.

Grandfather 9th generation: Elihu CARPENTER - Military: Note: He enlisted and served as corporal in the Lexington scare, in Nathaniel Carpenter's (No. 607) Company; served eight days; he enlisted again as Corporal in Nathaniel Carpenter's Company, Col. Cary's Regiment, at New York and White Plains, five months; dismissed Dec 1, 1776; he enlisted again and served as Quartermaster-sergeant in Col. Hathaway's Regiment; April 21, 1777, and served 24 days in Rhode Island; he enlisted again as Sergeant in Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter's Company, in Col. Whitney's Regiment in the Rhode Island Alarm; May 13, 1777, served one month and twenty-five days and marched from Rehoboth to Point Judith.

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SMITH Family Photo 1934

A rare photo of the whole Ensign and Ella SMITH family

Father: George Ensign SMITH (1898-1967)
Mother: Amy Ella HAWKES (1897-1971)
Children oldest to youngest: Amy, Leona, Camilla, Ensign Jr., Myrle.

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My new best friend

Mitzi born 7-23-09 My new best friend

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My Pedigree

Click on the Pedigree charts to enlarge:

There has been some family interest in my grandfather Henry WORLEY #30 on the chart above. You can read and see more about him on the family history blog of my niece Lark.


Click on the name Labels on the left side at the bottom of Lark's blog to read about other ancestors on my pedigree chart.

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Henry WORLEY and the Glass Button Factory

baby Amy Ella HAWKES 1898
Henry WORLEY was 70 years old when his great grand daughter Ella HAWKES (1897-1971) was born he lived another 17 years sharing his glass buttons with her.
teen Amy Ella HAWKES about 1915

Glass buttons made by Henry WORLEY

My Great Grandfather Henry Worley owned a glass button factory in England. He made all kinds of beautiful glass buttons. I remember when we went to visit him he used to give us a big box filled with all shapes and colors of buttons to play with. We would spend hours looking at them, and admiring them, picking out and matching them for a dress. If we wanted them bad enough he would always let us have them for our dresses. For a long times I was his only great grandchild and he let me have what I wanted." (Amy Ella HAWKES SMITH)

From their history:
....As a boy he [Henry WORLEY (1827-1914)] apprenticed himself to different trades but none seemed to satisfy him until he learned button making from his brother-in-law Peter Poll. This was a very attractive business and later he owned and operated a button factory. They had a good business, a good home and were very happy. The factory was a two story building in the rear of their home with a stairway on the outside. William or Billie liked to slide down the stairs. When quite young he fell down the stairs and broke his nose which caused an eye condition that required attention. His mother used to take him to London for treatments by a specialist.

Catherine [WILLMORE WORLEY (1822-1904] always cooked a good hot meal for the men that worked in the factory and they all learned to love her dearly, they begged her not to leave them to go to Utah.
Glass buttons made by Henry WORLEY

...twenty one years after Henry and Catherine were baptized they prepared to leave their native land. They offered their household goods for sale. When most of the things were sold, they turned the button factory over to Henry's brother William and Henry left for Liverpool where he went to say goodbye to his sister Ann. He was to meet his wife and children later. When all the things were sold a cabman came and took Catherine and the rest of the children which were Harry, Jane, Thomas and William or Billie (as he was called). She was put on board the ship with her family and no father was there. Can you imagine her feelings when the ship left the dock without him. On arriving at Queenstown to their happy surprise there was their father. He had missed the boat, so he took a train and met the boat as it stopped for passengers.

Pedigree link: Myrle Smith Dalton-McIntosh 1933- /4 Amy Ella HAWKES 1897-1971 / 5 Sarah Amy JONES 1875-1952 / 6 Sarah WORLEY1851-1925 / 7 Henry WORLEY 1827-1914 and Catherine WILLMORE 1822-1904

Corner of 3rd West and Center St., Logan, UT

Corner of 3rd West and Center St., Logan, UT
Henry and Catherine WORLEY home

"The whistle signalled that we had arrived at Logan.
Looking very earnestly for someone of our people, I espied a fellow with a broad brimmed hat, a pair of big boots with the trouser legs inside the tops of his boots, running down First South St. as hard as he could for the depot I recognized him to be my brother Alfred [Willmore]. Well, he was a strange looking fellow dressed that way in contrast to his Birmingham dress, but I was glad to meet him and have the greeting of welcome. Aunt [Catherine] Worley was there and Uncle [Henry Worley] with their team of mules and wagon to haul us home to the Worley's home, corner of 3rd West and Center St. During my greeting with brother Alfred, Father [George Edward Willmore] and his sister, Aunt Worley were hugging each other with such joy at meeting in Zion that they nearly got jammed..........Those that were the youngest rode up to Worleys. Alfred and I, with cousin Harry and Tom Worley, . . .walked up to see as we traveled and chatted together. .......After arriving at Worleys, Uncle Henry, Aunt Catherine [Willmore Worley], cousins Sarah Worley Jones and Catherine Worley Cowley had prepared a fine dinner for us, among which was some new kind of pie that looked like custard......Cousin Kate asked me how I liked it ......they told me it was a
squash pie,.....I thought what a funny country to make pies like that out of such things." (from Benjamin Willmore’s,“Fifty Years Among the Mormons”)

Henry WORLEY and Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY - two of Catherine's brothers and many nephews and nieces immigrated from Birmingham to Utah.

l948 Smith girls (Myrle 15years old)

My family used this picture of me to enter me in the Miss 15 year old Lux Soap Beauty Contest of the West. I won in my region (south SLC, Ut) To win the title, people then had to buy Lux soap, sent the paper wrapper to Lux Soap and vote for their favorite. A girl from Laramie, Wyoming won. I guess the whole town bought a truck load of Lux soap. All was not lost, however as it launched my TV model career that lasted until I left for BYU at the ripe old age of 17. I did advertisements and modeled for KDYL/KSL TV back when TV first came out and the picture was about as big as a postage stamp. I had some funny experiences there. It surely seemd like it lasted more than 2 years.

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BYU l951-52

A couple of shots from my Freshman year. The only year of higher education I had as a single student.

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BYC @ Logan Utah - Dance Group about 1917

BYC class of 1917
front row left young women seated

second from right

second from right

second from left

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Sister Camilla's wedding

I finally got the picture out of the background, but now I need to reinsert it with the title by it. I need help. We had a lovely time last week-end. Jeff and Terry came up for Erin's first trip to the temple. It was wonderful to have all my boys and their lovely wives with us as well as Adam. I feel so blessed. Adam and Amy are getting excited about the upcoming wedding. I'm happy about it all as well. We love Amy, she will be a 'fun' addition to our family.

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Stella Jane Madsen was blessed 3/29/2009

Stella Jane Madsen was blessed today. She had quite the group of priesthood holders surrounding her. A beautiful blessing was given to her by her father. What a tremendous support system she has. A lovely luncheon was given by the Madsen's in their beautiful home in 'The Cliffs' following the church meeting. She is so beautiful and is so blessed to have Scott and Rachel for parents. What a sweet little girl.

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I just read all Melon's blog and the 'the many faces of mom' I don't know how to post a comment on your blog, so I'm posting it on mine. You do a super job. I love to read it and of course, I love you. Luvmom

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Thursday the decision was made. It was time. Lily was my dear little earthly friend for almost 14 years. I love her, and I miss her! I'm thankful I believe all the animals will also be resurrected.

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Christmas '08 and New Year '09

OK grandkids, I put a picture on my profile, but I don't know how to make it bigger. Any help out there?

Christmas was great. Mac went to Colorado for the week, and I went to the family Christmas Eve dinner at Linc and Cindy's, good food, wonderful company and The Dalton's new kitchen served the group with very much ease and hospitality.

Christmas Day morning I went to the Nate/Shauna Dalton's to see all the 'opening of presents'. I wished we had done it one at a time when Jeff, Linc, and Nate were young, it would have lasted a lot longer. We just had a hard time beating the three of them out of bed. Sometimes they would be up at 2:00 have opened all their presents and gone back to bed. Then when we got up at 6:00 or so, it looked like we had been invaded from Mars. Of course, Linc always knew what he was getting before then as he was able to figure out all the hiding places at a very early age. I finally figured out I should have them wrapped before I got them home. I don't know how people get kids to stay in bed until 7:00 a.m. Now I'm old enough I don't have to figure it out anymore.

Linc/Cindy, Peter/Michelle, Anna, Laura all came by last week and it was nice to see them all. The newlyweds look wonderfully happy, and of course, handsome and beautiful as can be.

Denise Wood Carroll and husband, David and two grandkids came by (they are allergic to dogs) so we went on over to Hank and Mary Ann Isaksens house to nibble food and visit. We had a good visit. Hank has so many interesting archeological and geological things and places and all to share (wonderful collection of arrowheads he has found around this area too)

Then David and Mary Steiner who live in Leedsville, LA, (my cousin on Amy Ella Hawkes Smith)my mom's side and their son, Cary Steiner who lives in Washington, Utah [he just lost his wife to cancer, has a 17 and 15 year old and a 2 year old] also Paula Obrey Bell, cousin on mom's side and husband Con and Carole Obrey Jones, cousin on mom's side and husband Owen all came over for dinner on Monday the 29th of December. We had a very nice visit, and renewed acquaintance after approximately 40 years. Cary would be your second cousin and David, Paula, & Carole cousins once removed. Nate knows how to figure all this out! See what you all have to look forward to?

I also need to correct an earlier post. I said that Hannah and Clint came by after Thanksgiving for a visit, but it was Hayley and Clint. I was glad for the visit, even if I got the names switched.

Beautiful January and it is going to be a wonderful year. Love